We'll assist with any type of design, material or concept to meet your needs. Custom branded promotional clothing that meets your requirements!

min order qty

To make sure Perfect Life Clothing can deliver quality items and garments we only take min order of 50 and more

Bulk orders

We are able to assist with orders from 50 up to 100 00 and more. Our workshop can accommodate any type of order request

Products we can assist you with


We are able to assist with all types of jackets in any type of material that is requested. From Quilted Jackets, Sweaters, Matric Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Dry Macs, Polar Fleece, Body warmers and more.

Winter Tracksuits

Come see us to get all your winter gear going. We are able to custom make any garment you require with any type of material. Perfectlife Clothing can assist with Kiddies Track suits, Adult tracksuits and more.

Customized Staff uniforms

Let Perfect Life Clothing help you design and manufacture staff uniforms with the type of material you require. Min orders 50 to unlimited.